The analytics concentration within the operations research program trains students to leverage advanced quantitative models, algorithms, and data for making actionable decisions to improve business operations. Examples include staffing and scheduling at hospitals, ride matching and pricing for on-demand car services, personalized promotions in online retail, and smarter energy consumption.

BSOR:A Application

The Columbia Office of Undergraduate Admissions oversees all aspects of undergraduate admission for the University.

IEOR Course Listing

See full IEOR course listing and schedule.


Undergraduates are strongly recommended to follow the sequence of courses as outlined in the SEAS Bulletin.


IEOR 4008: Computational Discrete Optimization?
IEOR E4211: Applied Consulting
IEOR E4405: Scheduling (will count only if taken in excess of core requirement)
IEOR 4505: OR in Public Policy?
IEOR 4506: Designing Digital Operating Models
IEOR E4507: Healthcare Operations Management
IEOR E4521: Systems Engineering Tools and Methods
IEOR E4525:?Machine Learning for Financial Engineering & Operations Research
IEOR E4540: Data Mining
IEOR E4526: Analytics on the Cloud?
IEOR E4601: Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management (will count only if taken in excess of core requirement)
CSOR 4231: Analysis of Algorithms
ORCA 2500: Foundations of Data Science?(only if taken by the end of sophomore year)

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