Designed to develop the technical skills and intellectual discipline needed to become leaders in industrial engineering and related professions, the Industrial Engineering undergraduate program is distinctive in its emphasis on quantitative, economic, and computer-aided approaches to production and service management problems. We focus on providing an experimental and mathematical problem-formulating and problem-solving framework for industrial engineering work, with a broad foundation in the current ideas, models, and methods of industrial engineering.


BSIE Application

The Columbia Office of Undergraduate Admissions oversees all aspects of undergraduate admission for the University.

IEOR Course Listing

See full IEOR course listing and schedule.


Undergraduates are strongly recommended to follow the sequence of courses as outlined in the SEAS Bulletin.


The undergraduate Industrial Engineering program requires a total of nine (9) points of technical electives equivalent to three (3) courses.
Two (2) of the following Industrial Engineering Elective courses, total of six (6) points:
IEME E4310: The Manufacturing Enterprise
IEOR E4418: Transportation Analytics and Logistics
IEOR E4507: Healthcare Operations Management
IEOR E4520: Applied Systems Engineering
And one (1) of the following Technical Elective courses, total of three (3) points:
CIEN E4011/E4111 Infrastructure Systems Optimization?
ECON W4280: Corporate Finance (By application)
ECON W4860: Behaviorial Finance
MEIE E4810: Introduction to Humans in Space Flight
IEOR E4211: Applied Consulting (Seniors Only)
IEOR E4540: Data Mining for Engineers (Seniors Only)
IEOR E4572: Data Analytics and Python for OR
IEOR E4650: Business Analytics (Seniors Only)
IEOR E4700: Introduction to Financial Engineering
MECE E3018: Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
MECE E4608: Manufacturing Processes
STAT W4282: Linear Regression and Time Series Method
If there are other electives of interest, the student should bring the course description to his or her faculty advisor for review.
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