IEOR Course Listing

See the full IEOR course listing and schedule.

Core Courses

All students are required to take the following four (4) core courses during their first year:

IEOR E6613: Optimization I
IEOR E6614: Optimization II
IEOR E6711: Stochastic Models I
IEOR E6712: Stochastic Models II

Each semester, first-year students typically take two (2) other courses earning a total of 15 credits. Students have the opportunity to choose from an array of available courses.

Depth and Breadth Requirements

At the start of the second year, all students are required to select one of the following doctoral concentration areas: Financial Engineering, Optimization, Stochastic Models, or Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

The student is assigned a faculty advisor in the concentration area, who may be the student's intended thesis advisor, but need not be. To meet the depth requirement, the student, with an advisor’s guidance, selects four doctoral courses or appropriate master leve courses (4000-level (master); 6000-level (doctoral); 9000-level in the Graduate School of Business) in the chosen area of concentration beyond the core. To meet the breadth requirement, the student must take two other doctoral courses or appropriate master leve courses (4000-level (master); 6000-level; 9000-level in the Graduate School of Business) from the other concentration areas.

These ten doctoral courses or appropriate master level courses (4 core, 4 depth, and 2 breadth) should be completed during the first two years. With an advisor’s guidance, the student takes additional courses as desired and required to meet the overall course requirements of at least 60 units. To avoid an excessive course load, while actively conducting research after the first three terms, a student may choose to elect the course IEOR E9101 Research.

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