Congratulations to the Winners of the Innovation Hackathon

Oct 11 2019

Earlier this month, Altice USA conducted its annual Innovation Hackathon for University students in partnership with Google Cloud Platform and Infosys. The participants were given prompts to leverage Altice products across different industries (advertising, media, managed services) and improve the business using cutting edge technological innovations. The teams had 36 hours to ideate, design, prototype and conduct feasibility and revenue studies for their solutions and present their designs to key executives from Altice, Google and Infosys. Teams from over a dozen universities in the Tri-state area participated in this year's hackathon and Columbia University's 'Altice in Wonderland' team comprised of Amulya Tallam. Karan Vir Singh, Sanketh Saravanan and Swathi Chandrasekaran from the IEOR department (MS&E, Class of 2019) bagged the first place for their solution and were complemented for their thoroughness in the study of business impact, market knowledge and design of prototype.Their solution, 'SnapOut' improved the dynamic advertising world by providing users a one-click buy option on advertisements played on television through image processing and utilizing existing AdTech capabilities.

Winners of the Innovation Hackathon

Amulya Tallam, Karan Vir Singh, Sanketh Saravanan and Swathi Chandrasekaran

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